Living by Nature 

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In all aspects, our company was founded to go its own way

AIAYU was created out of just one material and one producer, always striving for the best and keeping the concept simple and transparent. 
The designs are new classics, lasting long beyond fashion, colors and shapes. 
Everything is carefully crafted at its origin, where the expertise to handle it, is the greatest.

The company is rooted in love for quality and sustainability, with a mission to create rich and durable products with an extraordinary story.

Anne Vest

A longing for what could exist, what should be, shielding us from the unknown. Ominous and evermore at large, our destiny looms in the distance. Its faint rumblings can be heard afar. We stand still, observe and slowly fade into the silence.

ANNE VEST works from the leitmotif, that each collection can be individually tailored to suggest highly individual silhouettes. Each garment is crafted from hand-picked fabrics, with a focus on lush leathers, shearling, sleek silks, soft wools and breezy jersey. Effortlessly effeminate, the seasonal collections, appear as timeless collages of our zeitgeist. The atelier works closely with local craftsmen, striving for innovative sartorial wardrobe solutions.

Ours is a collage of monochrome minimalistic garments, defiantly enveloping contemporary women. Women empowered with a sense of self and an eternal yearning for opulent encounters. ANNE VEST forges the sleekness of the North with a dash of understated sensuality, forever locked in conversation.


Anni Lu

Her ses vores udvalg af ANNI LU- armbånd, halskæder og øreringe. Disse smykker udmærker sig ved, at de alle er håndlavede, hvorfor hvert enkelt smykke kan betragtes som unika. Armbånd og halskæder fra ANNI LU er desuden fremstillet af de fineste materialer såsom sølv og forgyldt sølv, der kombineres med forskellige former for sten og perler. Bag ANNI LU står Helle Vestergaard, der begyndte ANNI LU som en hobby sideløbende med sit job som art director på Alt for damerne. Men efterspørgslen på de farvestrålende armbånd bare stiger og stiger, og Helle arbejder nu fuld tid med ANNI LU. Armbåndene er et populært motiv på Instagram, og de har både været vist i Costume, Alt for damerne, Eurowoman og mange flere...


SINCE ITS LAUNCH IN JULY OF 2008, CURRENT/ELLIOTTcontinues to evolve denim's place within the fashion realm. Created out of love for vintage denim and its americana roots, the collection pays tribute to denim's history as well as its timelessness. From the range of washes to iconic fits and silhouettes, each style is an homage to a pillar moment in denim's american timeline.

Born from a partnership between CURRENT/ELLIOTT chief creative officer Serge Azria and stylist duo Emily Current and Merritt Elliott, the collection fuses innovative designs with a desire to create a beautifully tailored product. Vintage inspired from the start, Current and Elliott had a vision of creating a denim line founded on the principle that every item in your closet should be rich in stories; unique and treasured. Widely known as the innovators of the boyfriend jean,CURRENT/ELLIOTT has become a brand defined by authenticity and sophistication.

A leader within the fashion realm, CURRENT/ELLIOTT'S past collaborations include: Marni, DVF, Mary Katrantzou, and most recently Charlotte Gainsbourg.

By taking this modern approach to the american classic,CURRENT/ELLIOTT transcends denim trends with its unique silhouettes, classic fits, and everlasting aesthetics. Constantly inspired by the past yet always looking to the future, CURRENT/ELLIOTT'S timeless collections promise to love and be loved for years.


Fra Desenzano del Garda i Italien kommer Gallo SpA, som siden 1927 har laver de lækreste strømper og strømpebukser i Egyptisk bomuld, Merino uld, Hør og Cashmere. Gallo er kendte for deres striber i
kollektionerne og de fine syninger af hæl og tå på strømperne.

Gold Hawk

Crafted with the finest Silk and Lace

Gold Hawk  was launched in 2001 by fashion designer Michele Dahan, the California-based designer who brings sensuality, elegance and timelessness to every piece. Inspired by her French roots and passion for world-wide travel, Michelle has mastered rich, colorful designs that drape beautifully for every body type at every age. Gold Hawk is renowned for its gorgeous silk and romantic detail, whether a final touch of lace or thoughtful embellishment. For Michele, a beautifully crafted camisole or perfectly fitted dress offers more than a stylish piece in your closet. The collection reflects her philosophy that female beauty and outer confidence come from within. As a woman designing for women, she knows how to transform the assets that make us vulnerable. Gold Hawk evokes strength, elegance, individuality and femininity, values born from Michele and stitched into every garment.
Gold Hawk has become an international sensation with devoted fans such as Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, January Jones, Elizabeth Banks, Ashley Greene, Selena Gomez and more. The collections can be found at the most exclusive boutiques spanning five continents from Europe to Asia to Australia.
Heartmade Julie Fagerholt

In 1998 Heartmade was born as the creative brand of designer Julie Fagerholt.

In the beginning the label was established through an exclusive couture tailor business for a small group of private costumers, but in 2000 Julie Fagerholt decided to give in to wavy demand from her customers and launched her first ready-to-wear collection to great acclaim. The collection won her the prestigious Danish Fashion Award "The Golden Button" and in 2010 she won her second "The Golden Button".

From the beginning Julie Fagerholt had a clear vision regarding the design philosophy and business strategy for the brand Heartmade, which was to unite haute couture's sophisticated non-compromising view on fit, detailing and quality with ready-to-wear's reproducibility and price.

Today Julie Fagerholt Heartmade is known as the most exclusive of the Danish design brands. The designs are romantic, textual and refined, displaying unique fabrics and luxurious details such as exclusive French lace, high quality Italien fabrics, antique prints and exquisite embroidery.

Holistic Silk

The Western world is overwhelmed by an excess of 24/7 work, computers, social media interruptions and no time. We are stressed. We have sleep issues.

We need more than ever to be relaxed, to learn what that feels like again. Try to take time to relax or rejuvenate in a healthy way. 10 minutes with a Lavender Eye Pillow can be enough to clear a headache. Meditation is as simple as stopping yourself from thinking at all for as long as you can. Supporting overworked limbs can be prevention as well as relief. Act now - don't suffer later!

Our mantra is Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate. 

James Perse

James Perse was born in Los Angeles, California in 1972. James' childhood was split between the beach, the hockey rink and the floor of his father's innovative Los Angeles boutique, Maxfield. With Maxfield at the forefront of putting Los Angeles on the fashion map, James received an incidental education on cutting edge fashion from Europe and Asia, on modern architecture, furniture design and on the elegant and the clean-line.

Ironically, sports led James to his first foray into fashion. Obsessed with baseball caps, he could never find one that was well designed - with quality construction, shape, fabric and coloring. In 1991, James set out to make the ideal cap for Maxfield and it was not long before customers became clients - film directors ordered hats for their cast and crew and record labels bought them for tours.

In 1994 he launched a t-shirt line that rapidly gained loyal fans looking for a seamless blend of luxe and casual. In 1996, James founded his first namesake collection of women's knits, which soon developed into two distinctly wearable collections; Standard James Perse for high-quality basics and James Perse Los Angeles ready-to-wear items, including jackets, sweaters, pants and dresses. In 1998, the brand launched an equally outlined men's collection and later, a line for babies and children.

His passion for minimalist architecture influenced by warm west-coast indoor outdoor living and the casual clothing that's inspired by it, ultimately resulted in James' personal design philosophy and aesthetic - low maintenance high fashion - emphasizing elegance and comfort, pairing sophistication with simplicity. James has applied this visionary approach in every step of defining and developing the brand.

In 2003, James Perse opened its first retail store. The retail environment acts as a medium for conveying the company's culture, ideas and values. James Perse is also available at top specialty retailers such as Barneys New York, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue and is sold internationally. James Perse launched its online shopping site in 2007 reaching a broader audience. Currently, a boutique hotel that captures the James Perse lifestyle is in development.

Love & Stones

Kom forbi butikken for at se sortimentet... :-)

- "Ægte kærlighed for ædelsten".

Mason Pearson
Historien om Mason Pearson 

Tilbage i 1860’erne forlod den unge Mason Pearson Yorkshire og tog til London for at søge lykken, hvor han startede med at arbejde på ”British steam brushworks” i London’s East end. 

Han blev senere partner i firmaet og var den som i 1885 opfandt en speciel automatisk maskine, som gjorde det lettere at fremstille børsterne og vandt på grund af denne en sølv medalje på den internationale opfinder udstilling i London samme år. 

I de mange første år producerede de flere typer af børster såsom; klædebørster, børster til heste etc. men Mason Pearson blev ved med at udvikle og forbedre hans berømte hårbørster og da 1. Verdenskrig startede og sendte alle heste og soldater til fronten faldt efterspørgslen på klæde-og heste børster og de besluttede sig for at sætte alle sejl ind og koncentrere sig udelukkende om hårbørster. 

Mason Pearson’s hårbørste som vi ser den i dag er meget lig den han startede med i 1885 og helt identisk med den børste som blev færdigudviklet i starten af 1920’erne. 

I dag er firmaet stadig i familien og ejet af 4. Generation som stolt holder håndværket i live og søger for, at loyale kunder i hele verden har den daglig fornøjelse at kunne børste sit hår og massere hovedbunden med en original Mason Pearson.

Mason Pearson i Skandinavien 
Mason Pearson børsten er brugt af alle prominente hårstylister verden over og Barnholdts er nu på 4. år officiel distributør i Skandinavien. Efter i et par årtier at have taget en lur på det Skandinaviske marked er vi nu stolte over at kunne sige at Mason Pearson igen er repræsenteret hos de absolut mest eksklusive saloner, stormagasiner og mode butikker.

Hvorfor vælge en Mason Pearson? 

Mange tror at en Mason Pearson børste er til at style med, men faktisk er børstens primære formål at pleje håret. 

Børsten masserer hovedbunden og åbner hårsækken, hvorved hårbundens naturlige olie (sebum) bliver frigivet, vildsvinehårene suger denne olie og fordeler den langs hårstrået og giver glans. Altså mere fylde i bunden og mere glans i spidserne. 

Derudover skaber massagen vital næring til hårroden fra blodets tilførsel. Denne blodtilførsel skaber et sundere hår og mere balanceret hovedbund. 

Den kan afhjælpe problemer med ophobning af både fedtede og tørre skæl i hovedbunden og erstatte hyppig hårvask, da den naturlige olie som bliver tilført hårstrået vil gribe fat i og aflede snavs ved skylning uden shampoo. (Overforbrug af shampoo er ofte grund til for høj produktion af fedtstof og allergiske reaktioner i hovedbunden). 

Vi samarbejder med Hårklinikken i Amaliegade i Kbh, som anbefaler Mason Pearson børsten som et led i mange af deres behandlinger i mod hårtab. 

Det er vigtigt altid at bruge Mason Pearson børsten i tørt hår. Da et vådt hår er op til 90% mere skrøbeligt end et tørt hår og uden elasticitet. Børster man sit hår lige efter hårvask er der stor risiko at knække de fine hårstrå og vi anbefaler derfor altid forsigtig at frisere sit våde hår igennem med en bredtandet kam fra Mason Pearson. 

En Mason Pearson børste er håndlavet og benytter sig af en kombination af godt håndværk og ekstremt slidstærke materialer, det er ikke uhørt at en Mason Pearson kan holde en livstid. Børsten masserer hårbunden, øger blodcirkulationenog giver herved næring til hårrødderne.Denne næring fremmer hårvækst og styrker hårstrået. 

Som i vor bedstemoders tid anbefaler vi stadig 100 strøg per dag!

Mason Pearson i ren Vildsvinehår

Mason Pearson børsten i ren vildsvinehår anbefales til det typisk skandinaviske fine hår. 

Mason Pearson i et mix af Vildsvinehår og Nylon
Mason Pearson børsten i et mix af Vildsvinehår og nylon anbefales til et normalt til kraftigt hår. 

Mason Pearson i ren Nylon 
Mason Pearson børsten i ren nylon er lavet udelukkkende til at bruge ved udfrisering af meget filtret hår eller ved forsigtig gennembørstning af vådt hår. Den har ingen plejende egenskaber som de øvrige med vildsvinehår. 

Farver og størrelser 
Mason Pearson børsten fåes i 4 forskellige farver og størrelser. Den klassiske sorte rubinrøde som næsten er helt sort. Den smukke elfenbensfarvede, den sarte rosa og den støvede og fine blå. 

Mason Pearson har udover de ovenstående enkelte modeller også en udgave i lys kirsebær træ, hvor hver børste er helt unik med smukke årer i træet. Denne udgave laves i et meget begrænset antal og prisen er den dobbelte af de øvrige modeller. 

Der er forskellige størrelser at vælge imellem afhængigt af ens behov, men mange kunder bliver så glade for Mason Pearson børsten, at både badeværelset og håndtasken rummer en af slagsen.

MC Davidian

Ornements and luxury accessories for hair. Collection of barrettes, headbands, elastics, combs, clips, brushes decorated with Swarovski crystals, made in France.


Missoni was founded in the 1950s by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni when they started producing knitwear in Gallarate, Italy. Missoni is loved and recognized for its colorful zigzag crocket knits, and the brand has continued as a family business since the foundation. The granddaughter, Angela Missoni, is now at the helm, and repeatedly refreshes the iconic, zigzag Missoni look.


Shrimps is the cult British label from London College of Fashion graduate Hannah Weiland. Drawing inspiration from modern art, she creates irresistible faux-fur outerwear alongside ready-to-wear and accessories with a directional, fashion-forward feel.



Top quality that speaks for itself

The very first encounter radiates the valuable materials and generations of craftsmanship directly to our skin where all our senses can directly experience the unique quality. Details and cuts that pass through our hands time and again with the utmost attention combine aesthetic and tactile perfection.

The fineness of the fabrics and materials is unique. Zimmerli of Switzerland uses only the highest quality materials. Elaborate cuts and perfection in detail ensure the perfect fit. Fine seams that are virtually invisible produce an absolute feeling of wellbeing on the skin.


Material that pampers with every fibre

Pure raw silk, merino wool, and cotton are the valuable natural fibres that Zimmerli has relied on since 1871. These may be only the best and most expensive raw materials. The West Indies produces some of the rarest cotton, hand picked and of exceptional quality. Simple does not exist even with the Basics: Every harvest is meticulously checked and only the longest cotton fibres are spun into particularly fine fabrics. Through the refining process of mercerisation the fibres also absorb more moisture giving them a rich sheen. Innovation to us also means staying permanently close to nature, which is then complemented by modern technologies. Substances such as micro modal and lyocell are made of beech wood, pine or eucalyptus fibres. The breathability of natural wood gives these blends their versatility. Lace and prints are sourced from craft shops that are dedicated to these very special decorative elements with heart and soul.


Each piece is unique

The haptic experience of the special fabrics and the purist to filigree sections of the models are inimitable. Achieving such quality is only possible through loving care for details and the full attention of trained eyes and hands. For Zimmerli, handicraft means more than just a focus on the product. Associates who happily pursue their craft with passion achieve much more than machines. Design, cutting, sewing, inspection and packing: Behind every step is a human. Traditional weaving and knitting machines produce those items that make Zimmerli so special: Valuable underwear, each piece is unique.